Veterinary Medical Investigations

LABORATORY ANALYSIS: blood biochemistry, hematologic investigations, urine analysis, microscopic exams

MEDICAL INVESTIGATION / IMAGING: ultrasound exams, electrocardiogram, radiology, diverse imaging exams (ear, eye, skyn, hair)

TESTS / INVESTIGATIONS OF INFECTIOUS AND PARASITICS DISEASES: Carre, parvovirus, giardia, babesiosis, boreliosis, erlichiosis, anaplasmosis, dirofilariosis, scabies (demodex, otodectes, sarcoptes), feline virus infections (PIF, FEL, FIV, panleukopenia), toxoplasmosis, skyn micosis

OPHTALMIC INVESTIGATIONS: electroretinogram, PLR cromatic, ophtalmic ultrasound (10 mHz), tonometry, imaging for anterior and posterior segment of the eye, ((Hawk Eye, Clear View, Biocam), gonioscopy, test Schirmer I and II, fluorescein, Lissamin green, rose Bengal